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Disclosing personal information

Children/adolescents enjoy posting information to social networking sites, blogs and message boards from their mobile phones. Placing this information in a public forum can lead to anyone finding out what your child/adolescent looks like, where s/he is, and what s/he is doing.

A child/adolescent could disclose personal information:

  • Through a text message that is then forwarded or reposted
  • By updating his/her blog/social networking page from his/her mobile phone, disclosing his/her location or other information that puts him/her at risk
  • By sending information by text message/IM, including age, address, and/or location
  • By sending information pictures/video that reveals the child/adolescent's appearance and/or location

What can parents do?

  • Tell the child/adolescent that sending personal information by text message/IM is a high-risk activity, and that s/he should only send such information to a safe peer/adult
  • Stress that the child/adolescent never share any personal information with someone s/he has never met in person—s/he should only share personal information with a safe peer/adult
  • Make sure the child is never disclosing his/her location, etc. through mobile blogging or by updating his/her social networking site

What else can parents do to reduce the risks associated with their child/adolescent and the disclosure of personal information? Click here to find out.

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