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What other safety issues exist?

Were you provided with an online photo album with your camera- or video-equipped phone?

  • If you are using an online/virtual photo album, make sure it is set to "private" (most providers will let you share the contents of an online photo album with other users selected by you).

If the phone is able to connect to the Internet, is it possible to block chatrooms or certain addresses?

  • Chatrooms are typically unsupervised, and child offenders will often frequent them in an attempt to lure victims.

Can my child/adolescent update his/her social networking site (Facebook, MySpace)?

  • Some social networking sites like Facebook include features that allow users to update their page from their mobile phone. By sending a text message to the site, an application then automatically updates the user's page; some mobile phones can upload pictures/video directly and immediately to such sites. This poses a significant safety risk, as a child/adolescent could include information visible to potential offenders about their current whereabouts.
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