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What other technology should I be asking about?

Is your child/adolescent's phone Bluetooth-enabled? (For more on Bluetooth technology, see What mobile phones can do)

  • Bluetooth permits content to be transmitted from one Bluetooth-enabled device to another.

Are there games pre-installed on your child/adolescent's mobile phone? Is the content of these games age-appropriate? Can you play against other users over a network?

  • As with games accessed on a home computer, there is potential access to sexually-explicit or violent content in mobile games. Additionally, perpetrators could take advantage of the ability to chat with children/adolescents through the mobile game interface.

Does the phone have the capacity to play videos/MP3s?

  • Many of the newest phones offer the ability to play MP3 and video files either sent to them by other mobile phone users or downloaded from the Internet. As with MP3 and movie files accessed on a home computer, these have the potential of carrying violent or sexually-explicit content that may not be suitable for your child/adolescent.
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