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Age-specific safety strategies for parents

The Internet holds incredible potential and educational value for children/adolescents; however, it can also be a dangerous place if children/adolescents are not properly monitored while online. As reflected in numerous public reports to Cybertip.ca, many children/adolescents are leaving themselves at risk on the Internet. Examples of high-risk, unsafe Internet use by children/adolescents include the sharing of personal information on social networking sites or chatrooms, posting images of themselves online, and using webcams.

Many of these same risks exist for children/adolescents using mobile phones. What can you do to improve your child/adolescent's safety on his/her mobile phone? In addition to reviewing the age-specific information on this site, please visit www.kidsintheknow.ca for a comprehensive collection of safety tools for children from kindergarten to high school. Kids in the Know is an education program that addresses all aspects of child personal safety and the prevention of sexual exploitation.

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